New Things Are Coming to ARTitorium! 

Keep your eyes here, on our Facebook Page, and our Pinterest for new attractions and projects coming to ARTitorium in the near future!

Things to Do

ARTitorium is designed for kids ages 0-12 years and their families. Discover a different adventure every time you visit with regular new attractions and continually changing projects in the classroom and at the activity tables.

Motion Wall

The fun starts as soon as you come through the door! Paint with a variety of digital brushes and colors and shapes to create your own masterpiece! Also, see yourself  and your friends in a human kaleidoscope with different filters and features!

Virtual Gallery

Create your own artwork inspired by over 300 artworks on six large touch-screens in the Virtual Gallery. Search by artist, style, period, nation, and more. Artworks are from the collections of the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. Take a spot at an easel and try to recreate your favorite work while you're there!

Creation Stations

Be a digital artist with six different art-making software applications on our Creation Stations. Applications include Action Painter, Collage Machine, Scape, Still Life, Pattern Maker, and Stone Painter. Save your work and print it at the Print Shop or take it home on a USB drive.

Green Machine

Enjoy our state-of-the-art green screen studio, one of our most popular stations, with all of your friends! Perform in front of different still or moving backgrounds, add music and effects, and record your own minute-long video.

Stop-Motion Animation Stations

Just like the technology used to make movies like Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep, use toys and craft supplies to create your own storyboard then animate a short video using our stop-frame animation equipment.

Tune Up

Play a digital piano and guitar, create abstract visual effects, see and save your sheet music, and experiment with a variety of hands-on instruments.

Some instruments need to be checked out from the front desk, so don't forget to see what they have available.

Found Object Sculpture

Create imaginative sculptures and crafts from a variety of materials that change often. Coloring pages and everything from markers to crayons are available for a low-tech moment.

*For more low-tech art, check to see if there is a collaborative project happening in the classroom

Magnet Wall

Play with composition and perspective on our giant magnet wall. Place magnets of everything from cars to flowers and giant kittens on a fun farm landscape. Perfect for all ages, but particularly accessible for the littlest members of your group.

Light Table

Translucent shapes and objects help you mix and play with colors to create new shades and colors and shadows.


Use the iPads to learn the basics of coding and problem solving by helping Lightbot light the right squares and work his way through the maze!

The iPad stations change programs from time to time, so keep an eye out for new information!

Art Boxes

Introducing ART BOXES - A new adventure at ARTitorium! Our art boxes include fun supplies to create new and fun projects at our Found Art tables. All art boxes must be checked out at the front ticket counter by an adult since the kits contain small parts and messier supplies than are generally found at Found Art. We also ask that adults supervise children during the making of these projects. Once the project is complete return the box to the front counter and take your project home!

  • White Boards with Cool Colors
  • Weaving
  • Tangrams
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Art History Game
  • Art Lotto Game
  • Lite Brite
  • Beads and Wire
  • Baked Clay

INCLUDED with paid admission.
All ages