Birthday Parties

ARTitorium is the perfect place for birthday parties and there are several options of how to have the perfect party for you! Check out the package options below:

Just Play!

Pay $3 admission per person (adults and children 3 and up) and spend as much time as you want at ARTitorium during regular open hours. You must schedule in advance to receive the $3 rate, but you can pay the total or attendees can pay seperately.

Eat and Play!

$3 admission per person plus $50/hour to rent the party room for food, drinks, and gifts. Bring your own food and drink or add pizza to your party package (see below). Please note that no homemade food is permitted. The party room accommodates up to 20 people (children and adults). Contact us for options if your group is larger than 20. 

Watch a Movie!

$130 to rent the MC Theater for up to 4 hours to watch a movie. This price includes a technical staff member to run the movie. Food is permitted in the theater at no extra charge, though a cleaning fee may be assessed after your event. Arrange in advance for set up of additional chairs or tables. Admission to ARTitorium’s play space is an additional charge - $3 per person if scheduled when you book the theater.

Add an Art Activity!

Add a one-hour private art activity for your group with ARTitorium's art teacher. This can be added to any of the packages above for $50. Limit 20 people (children and adults). Must be scheduled in advance and depend on the availability of the art teacher.

Available Art Lessons:
  • Dinsosaur in the City - Make a city full of buildings, then design a dinosaur or monster to stomp around it! (Ages 5-7)
  • Duck in a Pond - Each child paints a pond, then makes ducks, other animals, and plants to fill it up! This lesson can also be Fish in the Sea (Ages 5-7)
  • Animal in a Landscape - The birthday kid picks a favorite animal, then everyone paints a landscape, draws the animal, then collages trees and plants into the picture! Popular options include: Pandas in a Bamboo Forest, Unicorn in the Make-Believe Forest, Birds in a Tree, and Elephant in the Savanna. (Ages 7-9)
  • Sea Creatures - Color sea turtles, jellyfish, and strange ocean fish with oil pastels, then paint over them to make sea creatures appear! (Ages 7-9)
  • Landscape Painting - A color mixing activity! We will paint a landscape of hills and fields, mixing all kinds of colors along the way. (Ages 10-12)
  • Flowers in a Vase - Design a unique vase with sharpies on watercolor paper, then paint over them with watercolors. Add flowers the same way! For a $10 supply fee, this project can be done on canvas with acrylic paint. (Ages 10-12)
Additional information and guidelines.

*ARTitorium's main play space is available to rent for private events during non-public hours. Please contact us for more information.