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Event Name: Spring Break!
Event Start Date: March 16, 2019 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Event Type: General
Event Details: MARCH 16-24
Open Every Day - including Monday hours from 10am- 8:30pm!
We've got Green Galore for all of March, but there's always more fun during school breaks!

Each weekday (Monday-Friday) during Spring Break we will have a special project in the classroom. These projects will require a few more supplies and a little more instruction, so there will be an additional $1 charge to participate.

Monday - Paint a Flower Pot
We will have flower pots and lots of paint to decorate them!

Tuesday - Japanese Fish Crafts
Just in time for spring, decorate a carp kite made from color diffusing paper, and make a Koi from model magic clay.

Wednesday - Paint a Wooden Flower, Dragonfly, or Butterfly
We provide the paint and the wood shapes, you provide the imagination.

Thursday - Make a Mask
We will have the basic mask form, ready to paint, color or draw on. Kids will pick a bag of supplies to decorate with, foam shapes, sea shells, feathers, mosaic pieces etc.

Friday - Scratch Art Boards
Pick a sea creature to scratch designs on, plus a piece of scratch board to make a place for it to live.
Recurring Event Status: Recurring
Frequency: 9 Day(s)
Recurring Through: March 24, 2019