Check It Out!

ARTitorium has some activities that require a little more parental supervision or aren't suitable for young kids. For this reason, we have those available for check out at the front desk. You can't take them home with you, but you can learn or create something new while you are at ARTitorium! 

Here's our current list of Art Boxes and other activities for check out:

Wire and Beads - What can you make with a spool of wire and a bag of beads?

Weaving - Art box includes strips of paper, cardboard looms and yarn. 

Tangrams - Art box includes shapes to color and cut out, with diagrams of different animals and designs that can be made with the shapes.

Light Table Puzzle - Transparent puzzle that can be put together on the light table upstairs.

Construction Set -Wood pieces designed to connect together to create whatever you can think up.

Lite Bright - Create your own peg design and see it light up!

Fun with Patterns Activity Set - Art box includes a pattern book and stamps to create your own pattern design.

White Board - Includes one white board and dry erase markers

Lincoln Logs - Build a cabin or let your imagination run wild with these easy to build wood pieces.

Spirograph Set - Combine the principals of art and mathematics to create beautifully intricate designs

Instruments - Additional instruments include ukulele, triangle, maraca, cow sounder, cymbals, drums, tambourine, xylophone, and guitar.

Animal X-Rays - Use the light table to look at cool animal x-rays!