Community Art Project

Let's Fill our World with Butterflies!

Caterpillars change into butterflies during a period of isolation. Let's use this time of social distancing to fill our world with color and hope.

First, make a butterfly! Draw, color, paint, craft, build, or photograph. There are no rules! It can be any size and style that you want. Make one or many. We encourage people of all ages to participate.

Then, either put it in your window or yard so that people can see it OR send it to us. You can pop it in the Butterfly Drop Box outside the back door of ARTitorium (on Market St.) or just take a photo and email it to We want to fill the windows of ARTitorium and the Willard Arts Center with butterflies since we cannot be full of people. Be sure to share your work on social media, too, with #COVIDCOCOON.

Search for butterfly crafts on Pinterest to get you started and email if you have any questions!