Field Trips

Call Rebecca at 208-552-1080  to book your field trip

The ARTitorium experience is suitable for students K-6. Field trips are designed to meet National Core Arts Standards in Visual Arts, and are available for schools or other youth groups. 

Note that there may be limits on group size based on current guidance from Eastern Idaho Public Health. We are happy to work with your school's or district's guidelines as needed. Please give us a call to discuss our health and safety procedures!

Contact, (208) 552-1080 for more information.

Limited funding is available for school field trips to cover the cost of transportation to ARTitorium on Broadway. See Details.

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Field Trip Topics

All field trips are suitable for any size group (20-120) and can be customized based on your needs. Don’t see a topic you want? Work with our ARTitorium Education Specialist to make a custom field trip.

Kindergarten • Imagine

Students will look at some examples of art, read a book, and along the way make art that uses their imaginations.

Kindergarten • Mouse Paint

Students will explore colors with some mice in paint, then mix some colors on their own.

1st Grade • Exploring Textures

Students will look at examples of artwork that uses different textures and then make their own textured art using different kinds of paper and drawing supplies.    

1st Grade • Elements of Art Monsters!

Students will learn about lines, shapes, colors, and value while we make crazy monsters. We may see some famous artworks along the way.

2nd Grade • In a Jungle with Henri Rousseau

Using the art of famed French artist Henri Rousseau as inspiration, students will look at real jungles and put ideas together to make their own jungle artwork.

2nd Grade • Lines, Lines, and More Lines

Looking at lines, students will do a "line dance," make lines to add texture, and make a picture using lines. A very interactive field trip for our young visitors.

3rd Grade • Art Tells Stories

Through most of history, civilizations have used art to tell stories. Students will analyze art and the story artwork tells, and then draw pictures to tell their own story.

3rd Grade • Insects and Symmetry

We will look at some crazy and unusual insects and talk about their body parts and symmetry. Students will do a few simple projects to learn about symmetry and then draw an unusual insect that is symmetrical.

Any Grade 4th and Up:

Drawing Shadows and Shading:  A drawing lesson about light will teach students how to make a foresty winter landscape with pencil shading and adding shadows.

The Mona Lisa Pose:  There are many reasons why the Mona Lisa is famous, including her famous pose.  Students will look at several examples of the Mona Lisa pose, then make drawings of their own using the pose.

Abstract Art:  Strange animals, colors and shapes, and hard edge drawings are some of the elements students will use as they learn about and create abstract art.

Pop Art: From Andy Warhol's soup cans to Roy Lichtenstein's comics, students will look at pop art and then use bright colors to make colorful pop art of their own.

Didn't see what you were looking for? Contact us to create a custom field trip.

School Break Field Trips

Pre-School/Daycare/Youth groups: Please select a field trip topic based on the appropriate age group/grade above or give us a call to create a custom trip.