Field Trips

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The ARTitorium experience is suitable for students K-12. Field trips are designed to meet National Core Arts Standards in Visual Arts, and are available for schools or other youth groups.

Below is an overview, please click here for detailed descriptions and specific standards. We can also customize any experience to meet your needs! Contact, (208) 552-1080 for more information.

Upcoming schedule of field trips.

*** Funding is available for school field trips to cover the cost of transportation to ARTitorium on Broadway. See Details. ***

Field Trip Topics

All field trips are suitable for any size group (20-120) and can be customized based on your needs. Don’t see a topic you want? Work with our ARTitorium Education Specialist to make a custom field trip.


Kindergarten • Color Monsters

Students will observe primary colors being mixed to make secondary colors in a fun story, then have the opportunity to mix their own colors.


1st Grade • Elements of Art Monsters!

We will learn about lines, shapes, colors, and value while we make crazy monsters. We may see some famous artworks along the way.              


2nd GradeArt Games

We will look at famous artworks that show kids playing, make our own drawings of kids playing, then finish by playing some fun art drawing games.


3rd GradeGiraffes

We will look at all kinds of giraffe pictures to find out what makes a giraffe look like a giraffe, then make our own abstract giraffe. We will talk about pattern in art as we add interest to our giraffe artwork.


4th GradeIlluminated Manuscripts

We will look at old illuminated manuscripts and talk about why they took so long to make. Then we will spend some time making our own illuminated manuscript using a modern day saying.


5th and 6th GradesPop Art

From Andy Warhol’s soup cans to Roy Lichtenstein’s comics, we will look at pop art then use bright colors to make colorful pop art of our own.


Any Grade 3rd and UpCartoons!

We will learn about how a panel cartoon works, develop a character, and then make our own story using the character.


Many of our old favorites are still available, including:

All ages • Insects and Symmetry

Any Grade 4th and Up • Ships in a Storm

Didn't see what you were looking for? Contact us to create a custom field trip.

School Break Field Trips

Pre-School/Daycare/Youth groups:

  • Line, Shape, Color Monsters
  • Art Games
  • Crazy Insects
  • Giraffe Patterns