Family Activities

ARTitorium offers special activities and programs specifically for families in Idaho Falls and eastern Idaho. Perfect for kids at a variety of ages! 


Mondays, 5-8:30pm
$16 family of 4, $3 each additional person 

Work together as a family to complete an art project. Different theme each month and a different project each week.

Drop-in project from 5-7pm. This project is led by our art teacher and is appropriate for all ages with parental guidance. No additional cost.

*Pre-registration is encouraged.


  • 5th - Mommy, My Hair Turned into Spagetti! Then Grass! Then Ribbons! - A fun and crazy self-portrait with a twist.
  • 12th - Our Crazy Family Ice Cream Cone
  • 19th - Printing with Fruits and Veggies - Make your own print, or everyone use a favorite food to make a family print.
  • 26th - Family Refrigerator Magnets - All kinds of supplies and ideas for you to make your own one-of-a-kind magnets for hanging all the kids' art work!


  • 2nd - Fire Flies - Made from plastic bottles
  • 9th - Watercolor and Sharpie Flower Painting
  • 16th - Landscapes with Patterns and Colors
  • 23rd - Sunset Canvas Collage
  • 30th - Book Page Birds

Time for Tots | 0-5 years

Tuesdays, 10am - Noon
Regular Admission ($5 | Free for under 3s)

We are setting time aside for the littlest of Art Adventurers! Everyone is welcome, but during this time we will make the main space perfect for those 5 and under. There will be special activities for pre-schoolers and toddlers at the Found Art Tables to work on as a family. We will also take away some of the things that are best saved for older kids, so that parents and little ones can enjoy time together without so much worry. Drop in at any time and play as long as you want!

Snacks and drinks will also be available for $1 during Time for Tots.

Please note that we require at least one adult for every 6 children. If you are a daycare or other group with more than three kids under 3 years old, admission costs may be different - please contact us for more information.

PARENT PLAY DATE | 3-5 years

Wednesdays, 11-12 noon
$6 first parent and child, $3 extra child 

*Pre-registration is encouraged

A chance for parents to work on an art project with their pre-schooler without making a mess at home. Projects begin at 11 and are led by our Art Teacher. Each month focuses on a different skill that is important for young minds to master, and each week has a new project, so that the lessons never get old.


  • 7th - Silly Snakes in the Grass - Make your own snake and grass for it to crawl in
  • 14th - Corny Art - Make your own art from colored corn
  • 21st - My Silly Sandwich - A collage project            
  • 28th - There was an Old Woman who Swallowed...


  • 4th - All the Colors of the Rainbow
  • 11th - Washi Tape Rain Sticks
  • 18th - Kites in the Sky
  • 25th - Color Diffusing Butterflies and Flowers