2017-2018 Field Trips - Details & Standards

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Let's Be Artists

Grades K-1

Artists use lines, shapes and colors to make works of art. We will explore some famous works of art and along the way use lines, shapes and colors to make our own work of art.

National Art Core Standards Visual Arts

  • VA:Cr3.1.Ka Use art vocabulary to describe choices while creating art.
  • VA:Cr1.1a  Use observation and investigation in preparation for making a work of art.
  • VA:Cr3.1.1a Use art vocabulary to describe choices while creating art.

Cave Paintings

2nd Grade

Students will hear the story of 4 teenagers who discovered some of the world’s best ancient art work. There will be a chance for students to do cave paintings of their own.

National Art Core Standards Visual Arts

  • VA:Cn10..a.2a Create works of art about events in home, school, or community life
  • VA:Cn11.1.2a Compare and contrast cultural uses of artwork from different times and places.   

Insects and Symmetry

3rd Grade

We will look at some crazy and unusual insects and talk about their parts and how they are symmetrical.  We will do a few simple projects to learn about symmetry and then draw an unusual insect that is symmetrical.

National Art Core Standards Visual Arts

  •  VA:Cr1.1.3a Elaborate on an imaginative idea
  • VA:Re.7.2.3a Determine messages communicated by an image.

Ships in a Storm

4th Grade 

Learn how artists show movement using ships and water. We will look at some famous sea pictures of ships and weather and see how artists use different elements of art to show stormy or calm water.

National Art Core Standards Visual Arts

  • VA:Re8.1.4a  Interpret art by referring to contextual information and analyzing relevant subject matter, characteristics of form, and use of media.
  • VA. Re9.1.4a Apply one set of criteria to evaluate more than one work of art.

Picasso and Abstract Art

5th and 6th Grade

We will see the famous artist in action drawing, then look at some of his paintings while we make some drawings of our own.

National Art Core Standards Visual Arts

  • VA:Cr1.1.5a Combine ideas to generate an innovative idea for art-makind
  • VA:Re7.2.6a Analyze ways that visual components and cultural associations suggested by images influence ideas, emotions and actions.

Starting with a Stick Figure

Any Grade 2nd and Up

 Kids don’t have to just use stick figures in their art work. We will learn how to draw people that are still simple, but beyond a stick guy.

National Art Core Standards Visual Arts

  • Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.

  • Enduring Understanding: creativity and innovative thinking are essential life skills that can be developed.

Summer Field Trips

Pre-School/day care fieldtrips

Summer Fun: Warm/cool color activity. We will have a short lesson about warm colors/cool colors. Paint one paper warm colors (like sunset), then put in black trees, islands. On second paper, color warm color fish, then paint with cool water colors.

Fabulous Freedom: We will talk about line designs, then make our own red white and blue designs.

Farm Yard Fun: Talk about plants that grow on farms. Design a farm with different plants, a barn yard etc. Construction paper crayons on black paper.

Dynamite Dinosaurs: We will talk about textures, then find some that will make interesting dinosaur skin.

Summer Fun: What kind of bugs are out in summer? We will talk about insects, than make a bug and collage a habitat for the bug to live in. 

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