General ARTitorium Rules

We've tried to keep the rule list at ARTitorium short so that kids can have fun and be creative in whichever way suits them! However, we have a few rules to help everyone stay safe and to keep ARTitorium in good shape:

  • No Running: Our building has lots of corners, so playing games like tag could lead you to run into another person or a computer.
  • Feet First and One at a Time Down the Slide: Please don't climb up the slide.
  • Shoes Off at the Green Screen: The only place in the building where we ask you to take off your shoes. This helps protect the special green paint!
  • Do Not Throw Sorting Bin Balls: These bins are for Little Art Adventurers to learn about sorting by color; please don't throw the balls at a distance or at other people.
  • Respect Other People's Art: If someone has contributed to a group project or completed a picture, please don't take it down or draw over it. No one wants to see their work defaced. 

And most importantly, have fun!

We will give you a quick overview of rules when you come to ARTitorium, but we appreciate the help of caregivers in enforcing them. Thank you!