Get to Know Us!

Meet ARTitorium's Staff and learn a little about us. We are excited to get to know you too! *waves*

Meet Georgina!

Visual Arts Director

Georgina is the Idaho Falls Arts Council's Visual Arts Director, which includes her responsibilities as manager of ARTitorium, as well as the Carr and Hall Galleries, and more! Georgina got her degree in illustration and worked at the Smithsonian American Art Museum for 12 years. She is originally from Preston, England, but feels at home out west. On the weekends you can find her playing with her two kids, racing through the library's reading challenge, and lately baking up a storm!

Meet Rebecca!

ARTitorium Coordinator

Rebecca is an artist who loves all things art and working with all ages to create, but working with kids is her favorite.  She is the go-to lady at the ARTitorium, so you will usually find her having fun there.  In her spare time, you can count on Rebecca to be doing something artistic, reading as often as possible, exploring the outdoors, taking photographs, and spending time with her husband and three kids.

Meet Julie!

Art Education Specialist

Julie is a super art educator, who you have probably met when she is teaching our art classes or leading lessons on a field trip. Julie taught art at a charter school for several years and loves bringing her expertise to ARTitorium. She also loves spending time with her three grown girls, including planning a wedding at the moment!

Meet Abby!

ARTitorium Junior Associate

Abby is one of our awesome Junior Associates at ARTitorium, but she also has her own small cupcake/cake business! Although she loves to bake, she is planning to study Political Science next year. When she is not working hard, she love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Switchfoot.

Meet Anna!

ARTitorium Junior Associate

Anna is a performer who loves all thing arts, theater, annd dance! She performs with Extreme Ballroom and loves community and school theater - currently appearing as one of the main Newsies in the district musical. Next year she plans to study these or maybe design and architecture. She loves all things musicals and showtunes, plus a healthy dose of rom-coms and Disney. 

Meet Hayden!

ARTitorium Junior Associate

Hayden is our newest Junior Associate and we are excited to have her on the team! She runs track and field for IF High School, but slows down long enough to read and watch Harry Potter, which she is a lifetime fan of (aren't we all!).


Meet Jordyn!

ARTitorium Junior Associate

Jordyn is so busy at school, we're amazed she has time to be one of our Junior Associates! She is very involved with the National Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society, plus she's the editor-in-chief of the yearbook. She loves movies (especially Marvel), musicals, and showtunes, so naturally she helps with the school musical too. When she has time to take a breath, she loves spending time with her mom and little brother.

Meet Maya!

ARTitorium Junior Associate

Maya loves to combine the worlds of science and creativity! She plans to go in to aerospace engineering, but loved doing ballet and still helps with choreography and tech. She stays up to date with the news, but laughs with Saturday Night Live and Monty Python and the Holy Grail too. In her free time, Maya loves to cook and play with her dog.

Meet Natalie!

ARTitorium Junior Associate

Natalie is a master of all trades! Currently getting her masters degree, Natalie also works at ARTitorium, sells tickets for IFAC, works at the CEI library, and is an intern. During her rare time off, she loves all things Star Wars and The Smiths, gets crafty with quilts and cross-stitching, and spoils her bunnies Mozzy and Mazzy Star!

Meet Brandi!

Executive Director

Although you may not see her at ARTitorium often, Brandi is our head honcho! You might recognize her from stage speeches at the Colonial or Summer River Concerts. She keeps the Arts Council ship pointed and moving in the right direction. When not at the office, Brandi spends time with her friends, her kids, and her horses!

Meet Britany!

Marketing Manager

Britany is the Marketing Manager for the Idaho Falls Arts Council, which means she is responsible for marketing for the theater, galleries, and ARTitorium. Britany recently got married and moved here from Boise.  In her spare time, Britany likes to read, travel, spend time in the sun, and go to baseball games.

Employment Opportunities

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