Monthly Themes 2018-19

ARTitorium introduces a new theme every month, which includes a broad range of brand new projects and activities around the main space! Here's a preview of what is coming up from June 2018 to June 2019 plus special events and school breaks.

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 Jurassic June!

Sponsored by Fluor Idaho

From Allosauruses to Zephyrosauruses, we will be creating all of your favorite dinosaurs throughout June! Make one inspired by real dinosaurs or create your own! 


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Sea to Sea - Across America in July

Sponsored by Fluor Idaho

Explore all of the amazing landmarks and natural wonders of the United States! Build your own Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, amber waves of grain, and more!

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Atomic August

Sponsored by Fluor Idaho

Where art and science COLLIDE! Join us as we break down the small particles that make up our world, all of the amazing things they can do, and what they have done for our region. There's nothing cooler than nuclear!

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Speedy September

Cars, Trucks, Trains, and anything that goes VROOM take over ARTitorium! Invent your own mode of transportation or customize an existing one so it is perfect for you.

DON'T FORGET: TO Join us at the Unveiling of the new and improved magnet wall!
Thanks to Teton Toyota and Teton Volkswagen

More details to come.

Ag October

Sponsored by ISDA/Idaho Preferred, Leadership Idaho Agriculture, Idaho Ag in the Classroom, Food Producers of Idaho

Learn all about Agriculture, modern farms, and crops, while also designing your own farm, 'planting' crops, and more! 

DON'T FORGET: TO Join us at ARTitorium's Harvest Fest!

Live animals, sensory bins, games, and more! September 29th along Shoup and in the building!

The Art of Digestion in November

Sponsored by Grand Teton Gastroenterology

From table to tummy to toilet! Learn all about the digestive system with art projects that follow food all the way through - some squeamish, some silly, and some science-y!

DON'T FORGET: TO visit over Thanksgiving break!

$3 Admission and special projects during the holiday week.

Merry and Bright! in December

Sponsored by Idaho Falls Power

We've all heard that the Christmas Season is Merry and Bright, but what makes it that way? What powers Santa's Sleigh? What makes Rudolf's nose glow? Find out and make your own seasonal brightness in December!

DON'T FORGET: TO visit over Christmas break!

$3 Admission and special projects during the holiday breaks.

Wild Weather in January

You never know what sort of weather is going to hit in Idaho in January! Well, we're embracing it with projects based on wild and wacky weather! Make a thunderstorm, rainbow, blizzard, and more. Plus, work like a real weatherman in front of the Green Screen!

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