The fun starts as soon as you come through the door! Paint with a variety of digital brushes and colors and shapes to create your own masterpiece!

Also, see yourself and your friends in a human kaleidoscope with different filters, features, and symmetries!


Create your own artwork inspired by over 300 artworks on six large touch-screens in the Virtual Gallery. Search by artist, style, period, nation, and more. Artworks are from the collections of the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. Take a spot at an easel and try to recreate your favorite work while you're there!


Be a digital artist with six different art-making software applications on our Creation Stations. Applications include Action Painter, Collage Machine, Scape, Still Life, Pattern Maker, and Stone Painter. Save your work and print it at the Print Shop or take it home on a USB drive.


Enjoy our state-of-the-art green screen studio, one of our most popular stations, with all of your friends! Perform in front of different still or moving backgrounds, add music and effects, and record your own minute-long video.


Just like the technology used to make movies like Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit. Use toys and craft supplies to create your own storyboard then animate a short video with a series of photographs taken by our Stop-Motion Animation equipment, then watch it play back.

Younger Art Adventurers may need some parental assistance at this station.


Use the iPads to learn the basics of coding, problem solving, and critical thinking by helping Lightbot light the right squares and work his way through the maze. See if you can beat all of the levels to become a master coder!

The iPad stations change programs from time to time, so keep an eye out for new information!


Play a digital piano and guitar to create abstract visual effects, or compose using the digital piano and guitar and see and save your sheet music.