Cow-Themed Art Projects to do at home

March 2020 was sponsored by Dairy West! Here are some simple cow-themed projects for you to try at home.

Cow Puppets

Supplies Needed

  • White paper ½ sheet
  • Pink paper ¼ sheet
  • Scrapes of green paper
  • Black marker, crayon, or colored pencil
  • Straw, popsicle stick or any other kind of stick
  • Tape or glue


    1. See picture to draw a cow head. Draw two ears with a curvy line between them, then two lines down from the ears
    2. Draw on oval on pink paper. This will be the cows nose and mouth.
    3. Add spots, eyes, and whatever else you’d like on the cow head.
    4. Add two nostrils and a mouth on the pink oval.
    5. Cut out both parts.
    6. Tape or glue together, then attach to a stick or stray.
    7. Add strips of green paper if you want your cow to look like it is eating grass.
    8. Make up a fun story about your cow!
    9. Make more cows or other animals to add more to your story


    Crazy Cows

    Supplies Needed

    • Paper
    • Something to add color to your picture, crayons, markers, paint, etc.


      1. Look up cow pictures by the Dutch artist Peter Diem on Google. Notice how he uses lots of unusual colors and lines in making his cows.
      2. Look at a photo of a real cow, and try and draw an outline of the head, or the whole body. This is a crazy cow, so don’t worry if it looks much like a cow.
      3. Add eyes and a mouth to your cow
      4. Add any color you want to make your cow interesting.
      5. Take a picture and sent to your friends to see who has the craziest cow!




      • Paper
      • Coloring supplies


        1. Find a picture of minions or a minion coloring page to copy.
        2. Pick your favorite Minion to draw.
        3. Make your moonion with cow ears and make it white with black spots.
        4. Add a pink snout on your cow minion.
        5. Add clothes, eyes and anything else you can think of.