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Field Trips

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Field Trips

Call Whitney or Julie at 208-552-1080  to book your field trip.

The ARTitorium experience is suitable for students K-6. Field trips are designed to meet National Core Arts Standards in Visual Arts, and are available for schools or other youth groups. 

Note that there may be restrictions based on current guidance from Eastern Idaho Public Health. We are happy to work with your school's or district's guidelines as needed. Please give us a call to discuss our health and safety procedures!

Contact, (208) 552-1080 for more information.

Limited funding is available for school field trips to cover the cost of transportation to ARTitorium on Broadway. See Details.

2021 - 2022 Field Trip Topics

All field trips are suitable for any size group (20-120) and can be customized based on your needs. Don’t see a topic you want? Work with our ARTitorium Education Specialist to make a custom field trip.

See our Grab n Go Field Trip options if you are not currently doing in-person field trips

What could you so with a box? We will read a short story, then draw a picture to go with it. What could you do with other things? Pick objects out of a bag and we will find unusual ways to use them.

We will look at some famous art that focuses on animals and do some projects that relate. 

We will look at art from some famous artists who use patterns, then make some fun pattern art of our own!

After observing some tide pools, we will draw our own with rocks, water, and different animals that you might see in a tide pool.

Review artwork of schools in different places and times. Look at the pictures, think, and wonder about what they mean before drawing a picture of your own school experiences.

Learn basic face proportions and placement of facial features.

Look closely at an artwork, then draw and write stories about before, during, or after the moment in the picture.

Didn't see what you were looking for? Contact us to create a custom field trip.

Preschool Field Trips

Want to bring a preschool group for a field trip? These are your options!
  • If you have less than 20 kids: Schedule time to play for $3 a child.
    • Add a private lesson in the classroom with our art teacher for $50. Talk to our art teacher for your custom lesson.
  • Do a field trip lesson for a $60 minimum fee. Includes play time.
    • If you have 20 kids or more, pay $3 a student with an art class included (limited supplies, usually read a story together and do a short project with crayons or markers.) Play time is included.